At a Glance (Air) - Out Now

At a Glance (Air), my new piece for solo piano is available now on all streaming platforms, you can check out the video above, or listen to it here

At a Glance is a double A side release, and the 2nd piece, (Water) is available to check out here. It's a much darker version of (Air)..

Extended version of See Further now available.

You can still listen to the full version of See Further. It's only available here - it will never be available on streaming platforms. Free to download... but not for much longer! :)

Download an mp3 version by right clicking (save link as) the link below;
See Further- Free Download


See Further - new piece released for the #IAM campaign for RTE.

See Further is a contemporary piece featuring piano, electronic drums and various synth effects and you can check it out above! More information on the very interesting RTE campaign can be found here.

I'll release both this piece and an alternate extended version to download very soon. They'll only be available for a limited time through this website.

New Encas Serqhar music: Accelerant available for free download (mp3) now.

Accelerant is song 1 of 3 from a forthcoming Ep which will serve as a precursor to the first Encas Serqhar album, to be released this year. Get it while it's hot, the mp3 download is free for now but not for much longer, the song will be only available to buy in .wav format through this website soon!

Soma out now 

Soma is one of the two pieces that I had written in 2016 for the RTE We Were There, You Were There campaign. This piece is being used for RTE Investigates.

Check out the video for the full length orchestral version of the piece below.

Soma from Mark Kerry on Vimeo.


In earlier news...I was bored and so decided to cover "A Kiss" from the Stranger Things soundtrack.


I like it. It feels good.

In even older news...

The full version of the piece from the new RTE promo campaign (We Were There, You Were There) Adelphi is now available on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify (also on this website annnnd on Bandcamp).