New for 2024  - The Torn Minds Project

Available to stream and buy via Bandcamp here and as recently played by Bernard Clarke on RTE (the Blue of the Night), my latest, and first, full album under the alter ego; Torn Minds.


New Music

I've been very slow to update this page but I have completed some new projects over the course of the last few months! First up was the soundtrack tor the excellent Mary, Mary, Mary; a radio play written by Maria Tivnan of Fregoli theatre which aired on Christmas eve. You can check that out below;


And more recently the sting and soundbed for the Blackrock Medical advertisement campaign, again, available to hear below. 

Even more new releases!

Well this isn't a new new release, Ad Astra per Aspera is actually a slightly older piece for string ensemble that was previously unreleased but is now... released!! Buy it here, listen below. 


New release and new work!

You can listen to my latest work for theatre below for the excellent Do Fish Sleep, directed by the wonderful Oisin Robbins. On an unrelated note, a new standalone piece will be released in the next week or two, subscribers will find out here first!

Long time no update!

It was a hectic year up until July! Between a promo for RTE, some commercial work, two theatre projects, a short film and several standalone releases under a different alias... I was busy. Hence the lack of updates since April. Upcoming projects include more theatre work, possibly a radioplay and another standalone releases before the year is out - under my name, solo piano more than likely! 

New Playlist

I've written quite a lot of music over the last year, but this playlist is a collection of my personal favourites. 

Heart (OST)

The original score to the acclaimed performance of the Heart Project can be heard right here.  

New theatre score...

It is my great privilege to be working with the wonderful Fregoli theatre as composer for their latest theatrical work. More info soon!

New piano release: If Only 

If you were one of the many discerning listeners who tuned in to Bernard Clarke’s In the Blue of the Night show on December the 18th, not only would you have been treated to the usual array of wonderfully curated music, but you also would have heard two of my pieces open the show. Adelphi you may be familiar with but If Only is a new piece that you can only lfind on this site. Check it out below or buy via this link

At a Glance | Air & Stephen James Smith

At a Glance was selected by RTE to be the musical underscore to Stephen’s wonderful Christmas poem, you can check it out here if you didn’t catch it over the festive period.


New piece to be premiered...

If you're a fan of Bernard Clarkes' Blue of the Night as I am, then you may be in for a treat. If you're listening this Tuesday around 21:00 you will be treated to both a premiere and a preview of my latest work due to be released early next year. The Blue is the only place that you'll hear it this year, unless you sign up to my newsletter before Christmas eve... maybe...

TMOHR finally uploaded...

Got a bit behind schedule for awhile there, but here's the entire soundtrack uploaded in all its .wav glory!


TMOHR Release

The soundtrack to the play I recently composed the music for is now out on all your favourite streaming platforms, check it out here

Music for Theatre

I've spent the last month or so writing the music for a play by the talented Jeremie Cyr-Cooke. It's called The Messiness of Human Relationships and will be performed in the BOI Theatre, NUIG from Wednesday May the 9th until Saturday May the 12th. 6pm shows on Wed/Thu, 8pm shows on Fri/Sat. You can check out one of the pieces on Soundcloud now.



Speaking of Horizon, here it is!


You can also listen to the acoustic version recently performed in St. Nicolas Church, Galway City, below.

Footage | St. Nicholas Church

In the absence of a roving cameraman, we made do with a tripod and captured a couple of songs at a remarkably awkward angle. The excellent natural reverb of St. Nicholas Church goes some way towards making up for it hopefully! The Distance Between is not available to hear anywhere else other than in the video below, at the moment... And Horizon is an acoustic version of the soon to be released piece... Horizon! :)


St. Nicholas Church Gig | 10th March 2018

First gig of the year will be in St. Nicholas Church (Galway City) on Saturday march the 10th. It's part of the Coffee Concert series. I'll be playing mostly solo piano and Aidan Holland will be accompanying me on improvised electronics and percussion. The show starts at 11AM and should be an hour or so with a small interval for.. you've! 10 euro on the door, all proceeds go to the Church! 

First Fortnight - RTE

Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode) - MDK Remix